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Holistic Spas & Wellness

Caring for the mind, body and spirit is the cornerstone of Mandarin Oriental’s spa philosophy. Our spas go beyond simply treating the body, by offering a holistic approach to your spa experience. Combining years of knowledge, with skill and intuition in a luxurious, healing environment has made our spas some of the best in the world.

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Wellness Retreats at Mandarin Oriental

Our Spas at Mandarin Oriental offer a selection of wellness getaways with experiences designed to help you strengthen your body, settle your mind, and reconnect with your highest goals and values. Spend a few days in one of our wellness retreats and return home feeling healthier, happier and more energized. Some examples include:

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Fans of M.O.

Exclusive Spa Benefits

fans of moBecome a Fan of M.O. and make your spa experience even better with a complimentary treatment enhancement every time you visit our spas.

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Inner Strength – Outer Strength

Seven spots to soak up the sun

Prioritize your personal wellness and manage the year stronger and more resilient with our Inner Strength – Outer Strength programme. Guests can focus on Inner Strength development by taking time for silence, contemplation, and mindfulness while building Outer Strength by boosting physical vitality through exercise, movement and healthy nutrition. The Spas at Mandarin Oriental offer curated treatments that renew energy and increase strength both physically and mentally.

A place which gives time to

Enjoy, Relax and Reflect


Several spas offer spa and wellness programmes, which are conducted by experts in their field and may include fitness, health, beauty, mindfulness, wellbeing and nutrition with spa treatments designed to suit the individual needs of the guest.

Time Rituals
The Spas at Mandarin Oriental were ahead of their time when they launched Time Rituals over 18 years ago. Guests simply book time, enabling our expert therapists to customise the entire experience to the guest’s needs. Today, with the entire world moving towards greater personalisation, we continue to offer Time Rituals, allowing us to create meaningful results-oriented treatments.

Digital Wellness
Our Spas offer Digital Wellness Escape and Retreat programmes to support guests’ growing need to get away from technology and experience silence, touch and reflection. Taking time for oneself is a way to encourage mindfulness, restore balance, clear one's mind, and reconnect with important values. In today’s fast-paced and technology-charged times, people need to find new ways to manage their relationship with digital technology and the stress that comes with the modern, always-connected lifestyle and we can help you find this.

If you would like to try one of our Digital Wellness experiences, please download these colouring sheets for a mindful, non-digital activity you can do at home.

MO Mindfulness Colouring Sheet (pattern)
MO Mindfulness Colouring Sheet (flower)
MO Mindfulness Colouring Sheet (MO Spa logo)

Fitness and Wellness
Within our spas we offer a range of fitness regimes in our state-of-the-art Fitness and and Wellness Centres, catering to the wide-ranging tastes of today’s sophisticated spa and wellness goers.

As well as providing high-energy strength and cardiovascular workouts, spinning, aerobic and circuit training, we also offer more holistic forms of exercise such as yoga, Pilates and tai chi.

These mindful forms of exercise are in keeping with our Oriental lifestyle, philosophy and holistic approach, and emphasise the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Mindful Meetings
At Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, we strive to create the right conditions for meetings that leave participants feeling refreshed, energised and ready to implement their new ideas, information and connections. The core concept of Mindful Meetings is to host meetings that place the personal wellbeing of the participants as a top priority. We do this by incorporating the 5 key dimensions of wellness into the meeting planner’s programme.

Nourishment: Our chefs create menus designed to energise and sustain focus and attention.
Movement: The greatest toll on wellness in meetings and conferences comes from spending too much time sitting down. In our meetings, we incorporate movement breaks
Stillness: We arrange meditative breaks to give participants a chance to absorb everything they are doing in the deepest possible way.
Connections: We coordinate activities for participants to connect with one another in meaningful ways.
Wellbeing: We believe in boosting positive emotions with playful surprises to create meeting experiences that people will remember and talk about.

Connect with a spa near you to review their range of spa and wellness programmes

Turn your home into a world-renowned Mandarin Oriental spa with branded products; sure to make any at home spa treatment relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether indulging in our rich bath essentials, bathrobes and slippers, or filling the air with signature scents, pure luxury awaits you. And don't forget to treat yourself or a loved one to exclusive gifts and unique finds from Mandarin Oriental hotel properties from around the world. Shop our spa essentials and additional home goods:

  • Bath & Body
  • Bathrobes
  • Slippers
  • MiniMO Collection
  • Signature Towels
  • Fragrances
  • Bedding
  • Gifts
  • And More

Delight your friends and loved ones by giving the gift of Mandarin Oriental’s legendary service so they can experience a variety of spa and wellness services in our award-winning spas.

Our Oriental heritage is further celebrated with a range of signature products developed for the Group by the award-winning UK based company, Aromatherapy Associates in consultation with a team of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors. The bespoke product range incorporates six body oils, six bath and shower oils, and a generic body scrub, body wash and body lotion, which include and are based on the five elements listed below.

Our signature products are used throughout our signature treatments which include the following, Oriental Essence Massage, Time Rituals, Oriental Harmony, Digital Wellness Escape, and Oriental Qi

The Oriental Qi treatment begins with a private consultation to determine the individual’s state of wellbeing. The treatment and oils are then tailored to their needs, with guests provided with a wellbeing tip sheet and oil to extend the beneficial effects of the programme at home.

Awaken represents the element of Wood in Traditional Chinese Medicine. People with a strong Wood energy have a clear vision and goals and can bring them into being. They excel at planning and decision making. They can be forceful in disagreements and will strongly argue their opinions. Physical areas of tension are often in the neck and shoulders.

Bloom represents the element of Fire in Traditional Chinese Medicine. People with a strong Fire energy can be quite charismatic, love talking and socialising, and excel at commanding others to action. This element inspires a capacity for love and intuition. When in balance they will feel happy, light and playful. Physical areas of tension are often the lower back and around the shoulder blades. Ironically, people with Fire energy may also exhibit cold hands and feet.

Flourish represents the element of Earth in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Someone with this element is grounded, nurturing, compassionate and sometimes depicted as the archetypical “earth mother”. Earth people like to bring others together, make good mediators and are reliable friends. They often enjoy preparing food and eating. When in balance, this person will feel centred and peaceful, and have the capacity to think, study, concentrate and memorise, as well as the ability to digest and assimilate information.

Release represents the element of Metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine. People with well-balanced Metal energy are well organised, self-disciplined and conscientious. They like structure in their lives and are most comfortable in situations when they know the rules and can succeed by following them. Metal energy has a deep inner strength.

Reflect represents the element of Water in Traditional Chinese Medicine. People with strong Water energy are articulate, clever, introspective, self-contained and self-sufficient. They enjoy anonymity and are often introspective making them somewhat enigmatic. True to the saying, “still waters run deep,” these people may seem wise beyond their years or quietly philosophical. They can pursue solitude and tranquillity. Physical manifestations of tension for a water element are lower back pain and water retention.

Why not stop by a spa near you to determine your element above and book Oriental Qi.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group presents a series of short, practical videos to help you focus on your personal health and wellbeing. These videos are intended to give you a short break in your day and inspire you to incorporate new wellness practices into your daily life.

Join Andrea Lomas-Gong, Head of Group Spa Operations to learn some fun and energizing ways to introduce a daily dose of healthy movement in only a few minutes. All you need is an open mind and a little space around you.

Take a mini Wellness Retreat at home with Andrea Lomas-Gong, Head of Group Spa Operation and learn how to release tension in your body through some simple, easy to follow techniques. You will also learn how to use essential oils to help you increase your energy levels or relax, depending on your needs at different times of the day.

Enjoy a short moment of complete stillness and presence in your body with this short, guided meditation with our Head of Group Spa Operations, Andrea Lomas-Gong. Give your brain and body a cleansing experience that will leave you calm and settled to start and end your day.

Tune in to this brief, informative video with Andrea Lomas-Gong, Head of Group Spa Operations to hear some useful tips on how to fuel your body and mind with vitamins and minerals through fresh meals and juices with nutritious ingredients prepared at home.

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